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financial institutions.

When it comes to legal counsel, experience matters. But at Kudulis, Reisinger, and Price, we believe understanding is even more important. Industry understanding. Operational understanding. Procedural understanding. Because when your legal team truly understands your business, you get the right advice quickly and efficiently.

Our attorneys have spent their entire careers working with credit unions and financial institutions. In fact, we represent more credit unions than any other firm in the country. We are in financial institutions every week. We know the industry from the inside out.

But what does that mean to our clients? It means we don't have to spend a lot of time researching or getting up to speed. There's no learning curve. No "we'll get back to you on that." In the words of one of our attorneys, "we know your questions before you ask them." And we know the answers, too.

All this adds up to something very important to any business: value. Because when you work with Kudulis, Reisinger, and Price, you get a legal partner you can trust to give you the right advice in an expeditious manner. And you get an outstanding return on your legal dollar.


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Relationships First

You hear the word relationship all the time in all kinds of industries. But when it comes to legal services, having a strong, enduring relationship with a firm is essential. Again, it's about understanding. Working knowledge. We understand the risks you face. We're aware of your strengths and weaknesses. So all it takes is a phone call or email and we'll get to work. Answering your question, providing an opinion, revising a document — with little or no effort on your part whatsoever. That's a relationship.


Without Exception

When it comes right down to it, we're service providers. Our job is to be available to you to provide quality legal services when you need them. And because it's difficult to anticipate when you might need our advice, we simply make ourselves available to you. Always. In other words, you have unfettered access to a trusted legal partner who understands your business whenever you need it. We are at your service. Period.


We can negotiate a retainer, or fixed annual fee, which is the preferred financial arrangement for many of our clients. That's because with a retainer comes comprehensive, unlimited legal services for a year. Unlimited. For one year. No surprises. No crazy bills. Just simplified budgeting and the confidence of knowing our attorneys are at your disposal whenever you need them. Every institution has different legal needs. Some require regular, ongoing access to legal services, while others might only need them periodically to support internal compliance or legal departments. What's more, budgets for legal services vary greatly from institution to institution. For these reasons, we offer real flexibility when it comes to financial arrangements.

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